A tech team is an entity that can be assigned to do research for discovery of new technology. Each country has its own list of available teams, as well as a limited number of teams that can be employed simultaneously. Tech teams represent real-world companies, organizations, and individuals which were noted for their work in developing new technology and doctrine in the country. Tech teams are differentiated by their skill level and specialties. They are usually only available to a single nation, although some are available to more than one. Some are also limited to certain years of availability.

Usage Edit

Tech teams are available under the technology tab of the main game screen. Tech teams in use are listed on the left side of the screen. At the start of the game, most scenarios do not begin with any tech teams available. In this case, there will be up to five empty slots on the left. These slots may have teams assigned to them by clicking on the empty circle, which will bring up a list of all available teams, along with information on their skill level and icons for each of their specialties. Selecting one will assign it to that slot on the left. If a technology is selected, teams will have all specialties required by that technology highlighted to assist the player in selecting an appropriate team.

Once a team is a assigned to a slot, it can be given a task. Teams which are not actively working on a project (either are freshly selected, or have completed their previous task), will have a button to assign a new team in their place. This will bring up the same team list. To assign a task to a team, select the team as well as an available technology project. The button at the bottom will become active when both an available team and technology are selected, allowing the project to start.

There are two main limitation on the use of tech teams in the game. The first is a maximum limit on the number of tech teams that can be employed at one time. The highest for any country is five, but a lower limit may be in force for countries with smaller economies. The number of available slots is determined by the country's effective industrial capacity (IC) total. This fact can be very dangerous if a country suffers a loss of IC, as when the maximum number of slots is reduced, work on projects in eliminated slots is canceled, causing the loss of invested research. Additionally, each team that is employed charges a certain salary per day. If a country's money stockpile runs low, and not all salaries can be paid, teams will become inactive until money is available again for them, though work will not be canceled or lost, just suspended. Teams with higher skill levels charge higher salaries.

Teams Edit

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