Production Control
Parent Tree Industrial
Parent Field Manufacturing
Historical Year 1939
Total Difficulty 60
Specialties Management Management
Industrial Engineering Industrial Engineering
Main Effects Supplies production efficiency
Prerequisites Advanced Machine Tools
Advanced Construction Engineering
Required for Assembly Line Experimentation

Production Control is an Industrial technology of the Manufacturing field. It requires that both Advanced Machine Tools and Advanced Construction Engineering to become available to research, and along with Production Planning is required for Assembly Line Experimentation.

Components Edit

Specialty Difficulty Component
Industrial Engineering Industrial Engineering 7 Mass Production
Management Management 7 Scientific Management
Management Management 7 Continuous Improvement
Management Management 7 Setup Time Reduction
Management Management 16 Production Control Development Process

Effects Edit

Production Control improves production of supplies, increasing supply production by 5% for any given investment of Industrial Capacity. Production Control also makes it possible to begin research on Assembly Line Experimentation.

See also Edit

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