Flag of Poland

Flag of Poland

Poland is one of the major countries in Hearts of Iron. It is available for play in several scenarios and battles.

Scenario positions Edit

1936 Edit

Poland is a major country in the 1936 scenario, the only one to allow a significant period of peace for the player to prepare his nation for war. Poland begins with a modest economy, but a sizable army.

Military Edit

Polish Army Edit
Infantry of Poland

Polish infantry advancing in exercises

The Polish Army in 1936 was a large army, equivalent in numbers to many of the major military forces in the world, and greater than that of their primary threat: Germany. However, the army was almost entirely composed of infantry divisions, and attached brigades are sparse.

Wladyslaw Sikorski

Wladyslaw Sikorski was a major military and political leader in Poland during the war years.

The Army has a limited number of skilled commanders, with two skill level 3 Major Generals, Prich and Rola-Zymierski (a Panzer Leader.) Top corps commanders are Lieutenant Generals Sikorski and Sosnkowski, both skill level 2. Sosnkowski has both Offensive Doctrine and Defensive Doctrine traits while Sikorski is a Logistics Wizard. Top army commander is Field Marshal Smigly-Ridz at skill level 1, but with Defensive Doctrine and Old Guard traits.

Polish Air Force Edit

The Air Force is small in quantity, especially considering the existing threats Poland faces. The force is based in Warsaw, where a level 6 airbase exists. Smaller level 3 and 4 airbases are maintained at Brest Litovsk, Danzig, Lida, Lodz, and Stanislawow.

The Air Force lacks capable commanders, their best being Lieutenant General Rayski and Major Generals Heller, Jarina, Kalkus, and Pawluc. All are skill level 1 and the only one with any notable trait is Heller, who is a Tank Buster.

Polish Navy Edit

The tiny Polish Navy has only two flotillas at the level 8 naval base in Poland's only coastal province, Danzig.

The Navy lacks capable commanders, their best being Vice Admiral Swirski and Rear Admiral Unrug, both skill level 1 Superior Tacticians.

Intelligence & Diplomacy Edit

Diplomatic Agreements Edit

Technology Edit

Known Technology Edit

Poland begins 1936 with several areas of technological knowledge.

Research Edit

Poland's economy will only support two tech teams simultaneously, requiring Poland to plan carefully to complete important research.

Economy Edit

Capacity Edit
Stockpiles Edit

All of Poland's resources are stockpiled in Warsaw, the country's capital

Budget Edit

Poland begins with the military in need of several upgrades and reinforcements to bring it up to date and strength. Total upgrade needs are over 200 IC while reinforcements require more than 40 for full rate.

Government Edit

Poland begins 1936 as a Paternal Autocrat form of dictatorship. While it is more democratic than authoritarian, it is so completely right wing that it does not qualify as a Democracy. Poland begins with no belligerence or dissent.

Sliders Edit

Poland's mix of slider positions makes it more difficult to have a cohesive strategy based on them.

  1. Democracy = 6 (somewhat democratic)
  2. Left-Right = 0 (completely right wing)
  3. Society = 3 (somewhat closed)
  4. Economy = 4 (balanced but leaning towards central planning)
  5. Army = 2 (generally drafted army)
  6. Militarism = 7 (generally hawkish)
  7. Interventionism = 5 (barely interventionist)
Ministers Edit