Large taskforce tactics improves the coordination of fleets with capital ships of battleship, carriers, battlecruisers, and heavy crusiers with their screening vassels (destroyers and light cruisers), and improve the effectivess of large naval taskforces. It is helpful in large naval operations and key factor in naval doctrines with carriers and capital ships.

This specialty is exclusivly used by Naval Doctrines.

Technology specialties
Aeronautics Aeronautics Aircraft Testing Aircraft Testing Artillery Artillery Bomber Tactics Bomber Tactics
Carrier Tactics Carrier Tactics Centralized Execution Centralized Execution Chemistry Chemistry Combined Arms Focus Combined Arms Focus
Decentralized Execution Decentralized Execution Electronics Electronics Fighter Tactics Fighter Tactics General Equipment General Equipment
Individual Courage Individual Courage Industrial Engineering Industrial Engineering Infantry Focus Infantry Focus Large Taskforce Tactics Large Taskforce Tactics
Large Unit Tactics Large Unit Tactics Management Management Mathematics Mathematics Mechanics Mechanics
Naval Artillery Naval Artillery Naval Engineering Naval Engineering Naval Engineering Naval Engineering Nuclear Engineering Nuclear Engineering
Nuclear Physics Nuclear Physics Piloting Piloting Rocketry Rocketry Seamanship Seamanship
Small Task Force Tactics Small Taskforce Tactics Small Unit Tactics Small Unit Tactics Submarine Tactics Submarine Tactics Technical Efficiency Technical Efficiency

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