1914: The First World War is a mod for Hearts of Iron II and Doomsday. The mod is set for the years 1897 to 1925, and contains 4 campaign scenarios and 9 battle scenarios.

Scenarios Edit

  1. Imperial Zenith (1897)
  2. Panthersprung (1911)
  3. The Great War (1914)
  4. In The Balance (1917)
  5. Sick Man of Europe: The Balkan Wars
  6. The Brusilov Offensive
  7. Forty Days in the West
  8. Joe's War - South Africa 1899
  9. Kaiserschlacht 1918
  10. Dawn of the Rising Sun: East Asia 1904
  11. Spanish-American War: 1898
  12. Svea and the Maiden
  13. The Great Game: Central Asia

Availability Edit

Version 0.1 was released on April 25, 2006 for Hearts of Iron II. This was followed on June 30, 2007 with Version 0.4 which is compatible with Doomsday.

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